by Yaya

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Tara haunting and beautiful. Favorite track: grey skies.
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released September 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Yaya Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: grey skies
i am hanging up your clothes
w/ soft feelings and tender skin
like pushing hair behind my ear
is this the future in disguise?

when i talk to you on the phone
i'm reminded of a previous life
one where i was naive and sweet
and i thought i'd marry him too

what did he see
lying beside me
how many times
he said he loved me
where did we go when we were together
maybe it was dream with roles
we just happened to fill

picking apples for you
lonely peaches for you
grey skies
all this for you
i feel like my mother
when the small smile
falls to the ground
from the same tree

what do you see
lying beside me
what does 'i love you'
mean to you?
you are so near, an arm's length away
maybe the reason i chose you is as simple that
Track Name: see sea / blind bodies
i see the sea
in your eye
in the sky

pass through pass through this dream with me
hold out your hand softly

behind your eye a light faces forward
bowing bowing to the weight of the wind
& water & water heading toward the bend

tell me what do you see
when the light blinds you?
what do you wish for
what did i do

the sea we see
in our eye
in our sky

meet me here tomorrow night and together together we shall spill into the light

the months go fast while the days go slow
help me grasp each moment i know
all these sounds, gestures, and faces
i'll forget them leave no traces

i'll let these blind bodies swallow me whole
this golden light is sweet and low
living in the moment there is no future
as long as black is the color of my fingers

we'd be so perfect together don't you know
how i'd kiss you so soft and touch you so slow
Track Name: cigarette smoke
cigarette smoke & black clothes
knowing why i choose the things i chose
heavy metal & vintage sweaters
the coldest clouds on rainy weather

dark rooms & city lights
cheap beer spilled on ripped tights
numbness at the tips of my fingers
memory like a melody that lingers

what's past is past
what's done is done
there's no guarantee
but we're still young

ghosts on the wall & modern art
the slow sadness in growing apart

we don't say the same things anymore
but that's ok